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Recent Projects 

Project Summary: Lucent Technologies (Avaya Communications)


Lucent Technologies (now Avaya Communications) is a major provider of telecommunications equipment to the telecommunications industry. Their plant in Omaha, Nebraska contains nearly two million square feet of manufacturing facility, including inventory. To manage the plant, at the start of each shift, the workers were given a sheet of paper with what each of their machines was expected to run during that shift. Changes could not easily be made, except at a shift change. There was limited information regarding what had been done and what was currently running at the plant at any given moment. Tracking inventory was problematic. Performing an inventory of the plant could take days to complete, due to the fact that the plant was running while the inventory was being done.

One of SDI’s senior architects, accompanied by one of their developers, approached the project by consulting with Hampton-Tilley and Associates, a firm that specialized in working with companies in the manufacturing world.

About the Application

The plant management system for Lucent / Avaya was designed and built using the following applications: 1. Visual Basic Version 6 set of middle-tier COM+ / MTS objects running on WindowsNT Version 4. 2. IIS and Active Server Pages. The web based interface was designed and developed using Active Server Pages. 3. Oracle. The Oracle database running on Sun Unix was used as the repository of millions of records along with the datawarehouse. 4. Visual Basic 6 was used to design and develop the Inventory application.