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It's called AJAX, and it's the latest thing in web application development. To shed some technical light on the subject, SDI co-founder Wallace McClure initially teamed up with .NET authors, programmers and Microsoft MVP's Scott Cate, Paul Glavich and Craig Shoemaker.

In the Fall of 2006, we were pleased to announce the release of their first AJAX handbook, Beginning Ajax with ASP.NET.  As the title implies, this one serves as an introductory programming handbook for those interested in learning AJAX in the Microsoft environment.

Less than a year later, our team of pro AJAX developers and writers, joined now by Steve C. Orr and Steven A. Smith, are geared up for the release of their second AJAX development help book.  Logically titled, Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX continues right where the first one left off, taking tips and tricks to the next level and covering programming ground that's had a little more time to be settled and tested.

For years, Croft and McClure have provided expert advice for developers and programmers nationwide. In 2005, they teamed up with six other high level .NET developers, authors and Microsoft MVP’s (Most Valuable Professionals) to put together a second book, Professional ADO.NET 2: Programming with SQL Server 2005, Oracle, and MySQL. Serving as a technical handbook, the book focuses on practical database applications for using ADO.NET 2.0. And although the focus is on ADO use with SQL Server 2005, the book also looks at uses with Oracle and MySql.

In 2002, Croft and McClure's co-authored book, Building Highly Scalable Database Applications with .NET, was released. This book tackles complications involved in integrating various non-Microsoft database servers with Microsoft tools and technologies. It is targeted towards an intermediate to advanced level of developers and programmers that are building solutions based on Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, or MySQL. Croft and McClure recognize the need for assistance in training in the field of software development, and offer training seminars and consulting, based on the books.