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Book Review 

Building Highly Scalable Database Applications with .NET

Book Description

Creating robust, highly available, highly scalable database applications is absolutely critical in today’s web-based economy. Integrating various non-Microsoft database servers with Microsoft tools and technologies has not always proven to be an easy task. The new paradigm of .NET development further complicates the issue, but also provides a powerful set of tools and technologies to build these mission-critical systems. With Building Highly Scalable Database Applications with .NET, readers will be able to: integrate .NET-based solutions with Oracle, DB2 and MySQL; harness the power of Microsoft’s ADO.Net for high performance computing; build efficient components for maximum scalability; integrate existing COM-based applications; maximize transaction speed and message queue efficiency; and scale applications to a much higher level, resulting in an increase in the number of users or transactions.

About the Technology

Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server are the world’s most popular enterprise databases, accounting for nearly 90% of the enterprise database market. MySQL is a popular open-source database. Microsoft .NET is an ‘umbrella’ for a variety of technologies, and includes the .NET Framework, Visual Studio .NET and the various .NET Enterprise Servers. Integrating and developing highly scalable database applications with .NET tools and technologies for both Microsoft and non-Microsoft database servers is the challenging topic of this book.

About the Audience

The authors of Building Highly Scalable Database Applications with .NET, Croft and McClure, assume that readers know the basics of database design and programming. This book is aimed at intermediate to advanced level developers and programmers that are building solutions based on Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL, and that wish to harness the power of .NET technologies in order to accomplish those goals. The book is primarily intended for developers who need to scale solutions to a large number of users, hits and/or transactions.

About the Authors

Wallace B. McClure has more than 14 years of experience developing software. As president of Scalable Development, Wallace designs and builds high-performance applications for clients such as Lucent Technologies, The State of Tennessee, a major Internet portal, and an ISV writing applications on the AS/400. McClure holds a Masters of Science (1991) and a Bachelor’s Degree (1990) in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. McClure specialized in Computer Programming, Computer Architectures, and Signal Processing within Electrical Engineering, and also has a minor in Mathematics. While in school, McClure was a co-author on two papers dealing with symbolic signal processing.

*Building Highly Scalable Database Applications with .NET was published in 2002 by John Wiley and Associates.